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A Cheese Guide to Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is the day to show all the mums how much they are appreciated and what better way than to show your love and appreciation than with cheese.

Our hampers are the perfect gift with different sizes and are completely bespoke. A unique gift specially created for a mum who loves cheese.

To help with either creating a hamper or picking a selection, we have rounded up our top ten special cheeses that your mum will just love!

1. Admiral Collingwood

A delicious brown ale washed cheddar style cheese that really packs a punch. Boss Toby even reckons it’s our best cheese at the moment.

2.Délice de Bourgogne

A triple creme French soft that melts in the mouth. Along with a sweet biscuit and compote, it can create a cheese version of a cheesecake. The perfect combination for those that have a sweet tooth.

3.Vacherin Fribourgeois

A delightful Swiss Alpine cheese that is something different. A quirky taste and bouncy texture typical of an Alpine cheese, Vacherin is something special.


An indulgent wine soaked blue. With a wonderfully complex flavour, this blue cheese is worth the price and will save on the washing up!

5.Cheddar Gorge Cave Aged

A traditional cheddar cheese that is what it says on the tin. Unfussy and uncomplicated, this cheese has a lovely crumbly texture and a strong taste.

6. Trufflyn

This cheese is a truly decadent cheese that is really something special. An indulgent, rich and earthy cheese. A real delight for the goat cheese lovers.

7.Beauvale Blue

A creamy blue that’s a huge hit. A simple yet stunning blue cheese that works wonderfully with a sweet orange biscuit.


A German soft and creamy blue that is something quite special. A complex, unique cheese that gets better and better the more you eat it.

9. Hereford Hop

A creamy cheddar style rolled in toasted hops. A different take on a traditional cheddar style cheese. Hereford Hop still packs a punch and together with a bloody mary chutney, makes an amazing combination that’s something different.

10. Maida Vale

An ale wash, stinky soft cheese. A really interesting cheese with a sticky and gooey texture and a punchy taste. A pleasing cheese for those who prefer an unusual soft cheese.

Whatever cheese you decide to gift your mum or to create your cheese board, we hope you have a wonderful day and celebrate all the amazing mothers with lots of cheese gifting.

The Cheese Plate Team

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