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Fabulous Cheese and Wine Pairings

We are all about creating some cracking cheese and wine pairings at The Cheese Plate. So we reckon that the best way to spend a long bank holiday, is to include some fabulous cheese and wine. When put together, these pairings create something really special. Here are our top six!

1. Hereford Hop and Moko Black

Hereford Hop is an English cheddar style rolled in toasted hops. It has a creamy texture and a punchy taste. This works perfectly with a Moko Black Sauvignon Blanc. A deliciously sweet, crisp white wine from New Zealand. The balance of the sweet and savoury is why this pairing works so well.

2.Old Winchester and Pharros

Old Winchester is a classic British cheddar style. A crumbly and crunchy texture with a developing, nutty aftertaste. These elements pair excellently with a Spanish Pharros, which is a white Rioja. This pairing is special for a couple of reasons. One because of the wine. Not a lot of people know you can get a white Rioja and just how amazing it is. And two, the combination of the cheese and wine will create a fizzy sensation. This is due to the calcium lactate in the cheese and how it reacts to the wine. Isn't that amazing!

3. Admiral Collingwood and Picpoul De Pinet

Admiral Collingwood is unique cheese that is washed in Newcastle Brown Ale, which results in a palatable salty aftertaste. The perfect wine to pair with this cheese is French Picpoul. The Picpoul grape has adapted to grow in salt mash vines, so also has a slight salty element to its taste. Together they just work so well.

4. Al Romero and The Man with The Axe

Al Romero is a Manchego in all but the name. A hard Spanish style with typical Mediterranean taste that is rolled in Rosemary. A perfect wine pairing is The Man with The Axe, a delicious Cabernet Sauvignon. When paired together, they create an almost lamby, meaty taste. This is due to Rosemary rind of the cheese together with the meatiness of the red wine.

5. Raypanear VSOP and Deer Point

Raypanear is a Dutch cheese that has an interesting, complex flavour. It starts sweet and ends beefy. Paired together with a Bulgarian Deer Point Merlot (which is an amazing red wine) it creates a sticky toffee taste. Three for the price of one, how amazing is that!

6. Beauvale Blue and Somerset Ice Cider

Beauvale Blue is the most creamiest, yummiest blue cheese. A great starter blue for those that aren’t massive fans of blue cheeses. Pair this with a Somerset Ice Cider, the creaminess of the cheese makes the Ice Cider 100x more appley. A really unusual but outstanding finishing pair and it’s a great take on a sweet wine with a cheese. A much better way to finish any meal.

These six pairings have lots to offer, whatever people’s preference on cheese and wine. Pop in and pick up your favourite to spoil yourself over the upcoming Bank Holiday! Enjoy!

The Cheese Plate Team

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