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How to Create the Ultimate Summer Grazing Board

Summer days are all about kicking back in the sun with a glass of chilled wine and a perfect grazing board. Whether it be a mid week treat or dining al fresco at the weekend with friends, a cheese grazing board is the way to go. This is where we come in to help you create the ultimate cheese summer grazing board.

Step 1: Pick the perfect board

All your grazing goodness needs somewhere to go (for however long it lasts!) You can either go for a traditional wooden board or opt for a heavier slate style. The bigger the better so you can fit more yumminess on.

Step 2: Find the perfect wine

Your cheese and accompaniments are going to need a partner. Seeing as it’s summer and the contents of your board will be lighter, we suggest a chilled white wine or Rose. One of our top picks is a Sol y Sombra which is the idea fruity, summery white. If you're a fan of Rose, our Rosapasso is the perfect choice.

Step 3: Cheese

Choosing a soft cheese is the best place to start. We recommend a fresh goat cheese like Rosary Log, which has a lovely soft and crumbly texture. A tangy Baron Bigod is another great choice. Leave this out to warm and the result is a gorgeous, gooey Brie style. Harder cheeses are next on the list. A sweet and nutty cheddar style, like an Old Winchester is the best addition. With crumbly texture and tangy flavour, what’s not to love! An alternative cheddar style is another great addition. Something like a Ogleshield, which has a bouncy and melt in the mouth texture, as well as a beautiful lingering aftertaste. Last but not least blue cheese will finish off the board in the best way. A delicious creamy Beauvale Blue works well with all the other cheeses but is just as good on it’s own.

Step 4: Accompaniments

As well as wine, your grazing board wouldn’t be complete without a selection of chutneys and biscuits. A fruity compote works best with the soft cheeses. Our Tart Cherry and Almond compote has the perfect texture and sweetness to work with the creamy Rosary Log and Baron Bigod. A crunchy crispbread or sweet wheat finger will finish off this combination nicely and give that added texture. A more savoury pickled chutney would work well with the cheddar styles. Think Red Onion marmalade or Beer Fruit chutney. A water biscuit is the best base to this combination. Finally the blue cheeses only need a biscuit to stand out. A sweet orange flavoured torta creates an amazing combination, especially when paired with the Beauvale. Doesn’t that all sound yum!

Step 5: Extras

Finally adding some extras will take your grazing board to the next level. Think fresh bread, crunchy cheese straws, olives and meats. These additions add more texture, colours and tastes to the ultimate summer grazing board. Keep it light and mix it up and include elements like warm french stick, parma ham, green olives and cheddar gorge cheese straws.

Put all these elements together and you have got your ultimate summer grazing board. Tag us in your own creations with #thecheeseplateboards, we’d love to see them!

The Cheese Plate Team

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