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Make this Valentine's Day a cheesy one

Valentine’s Day needs cheese. Whether it be a fondue or a fancy cheese plate, it’s the best way to say ‘I love you’.

We hold our annual ‘Fondue for Two’ in our shop. A special, intimate evening spent with your loved one which consists of a shared cheese fondue with accompaniments, fizz and Toby’s special pud. We still have a few spaces, so give the shop a call on 01763 271533 if you’re interested

If you prefer to spend the evening at home, we have some great ideas to enjoy some cheese.

1) The Perfect Cheese Board

To create the perfect cheese board, including a cheddar style, a blue and a soft is the best place to start. Whether it be a tangy and crumbly Montgomery or a creamy and punchy Godminster, a cheese board wouldn’t be complete without a cheddar cheese. A blue cheese is another must. You can either go for a classic, crumbly Stilton or opt for something more opulent like a wine covered Blu‘61. And last but not least, a soft cheese is best way to finish off your board. Why not try a triple creme Delice de Bourgogne or if you prefer a stinky soft, then try Maida Vale, a delicious ale washed cheese

2) Posh Cheese on Toast

If you prefer your comfort food but want to make it a bit special for Valentine's Day, then you need to try our posh cheese on toast. Grate some Barbers 1883 cheddar and mix in some English Mustard and voila! A simple yet indulgent take on the humble cheese on toast.

3) Baked Tunworth

This is the ultimate night in meal. A delicious melty delight. Just put in the oven at 140 degrees celsius for 15 minutes until soft and then serve with bread of your choice. You can also pair it with a chutney for that added something. Super easy and super delicious!

Whatever way you decide to spend Valentine’s Day, we hope you enjoy it with cheese!

The Cheese Plate Team

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