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The Cheese Plate’s Answer to The Perfect Family Cheeseboard

September is in full swing and it looks like Autumn is just around the corner. Kids are back to school and lots of us our back to work after time off over the summer months.

September is the month to either cling on to the final moments of summer or accept the reality that we are heading towards the end of another year. Either way, it’s a perfect excuse to enjoy a perfectly created cheeseboard to suit the whole family. Whether it be sitting down with the kids on a Friday night or enjoying Sunday’s with the in-laws. We are here to guide you through a cheeseboard to be enjoyed by everyone.

All cheeseboards obviously need to start with the cheese. We’ve begun with a Tunworth. A cracking, British Brie style soft cheese that has a gorgeous buttery texture and pleasant punch. Next is a cheese perfect for kids. We have dubbed it a ‘posh Diarylea’ and you’ll see why when you try it! It’s proper name is Katchbach Creamy and has the most delicious, melt in the mouth texture. We’ve also included two more ‘grown up’ cheeses that have punchy flavours and complex textures. The Perl Las is our blue of choice and has a pleasant saltiness to it. The Truffle Pecorino is our most ‘grown up’ style of cheese. A strong, earthy taste accompanies the moist texture.

Our final two cheeses are perfect all rounders. Vintage Red Fox is a Red Leicester style that has a lovely sweetness and crunch that is a great option for those with a sweet tooth. And last but not least a Smoked Godminster finishes off the board. A creamy cheese with a smokey punch that everyone will enjoy!

Of course, a cheeseboard wouldn’t be complete without its accompaniments. We think the perfect chutney additions are a traditional Sweet Cucumber Pickle and a sweet Medlar chutney. These two work well with all of the cheeses in our board but the Cucumber Pickle is great with the Perl Las and the Medlar chutney pairs beautifully with the Kaltchbach Creamy. We’ve also included Sourdough Crispbreads and Water Biscuits for those wanting the ultimate cheeseboard experience.

However you decide to create your perfect cheeseboard we hope you enjoy with friends and family! Don’t forget to tag us in your creations #thecheeseplatecheeseboards

The Cheese Plate Team

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