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Ultimate Easter Cheese Boards

When you think of Easter, you think of roast lamb and chocolate Easter eggs. But why not make this Easter Weekend all about cheese! We’d love you to go all out with your cheese board and make it your Easter tradition. Whether it be the centrepiece of Easter Sunday lunch or and evening indulgence on Good Friday, we have something for you!

A Good Friday Cheese Board

Friday nights are all about indulgence, especially over the Easter weekend. Our Friday night cheese board is all about the special cheeses which you can fully enjoy after a week at work and to kick start the long Bank Holiday weekend.

Our Good Friday board starts with the cheese! Seeing as this board is all about indulgence, we will start with a rich and boozy blue called Fiore di Amaretto. An Italian blue soaked in Amaretto, yum! Next is the cheddar styles. We’ve included a moreish Hereford Hop, a flavoured Porter and Comte, a French Alpine style. Theses three have delicious textures and all have punchy and complex flavours.

No cheeseboard is complete without a soft cheese so we’ve included a decedent Camembert Calvados. A traditional French Camembert but with the added indulgence of Calvados, what’s not to love! We also can’t forget more blue cheese and we’ve gone with our staple, Beauvale Blue. The most creamiest, delicious blue that works well with the other cheeses and accompaniments. Finally with the cheeses, is an unusual, yummy Dutch goats cheese called Wyngaard. It has a delicate flavour and a palatable texture.

Although this board is centred around the cheese, we couldn’t leave out some delicious accompaniments. We’ve paired this board with Medlar Jelly, Green Tomato and Spiced Cranberry and Apricot chutney. Along with the chutney’s, the biscuits that complete this board are seaweed crackers, oatcakes and crispbreads. Finish with grapes and celery and voila, the most decedent, indulgent cheese board to kick off your Easter Weekend.

An Easter Sunday Cheese Board

Easter Sunday lunch can be the stuff of dreams. Something you wait all weekend for, getting all the family round to enjoy a beautiful roast followed by delicious puddings and chocolates. But this year, why not put the focus on a show stopping cheese board. We can help you create something really special that will satisfy those with a savoury tooth and something that will become a centrepiece of every Sunday lunch.

Our Easter Sunday cheese board begins with the soft cheeses. We have included a triple creme Elmhirst, a blood orange flavoured Fruit Roll and Trufflyn, a goat’s cheese flavoured with truffle. A unique trio that will suit everyone's preferences. Next the cheddar styles and we’ve created a board with a great variety. Starting with a traditional Italian Piave and a delicious Swiss Vacherin Fribourgeois. Both very different but equally yummy. A Garlic Yarg, Truffled Pecorino and Leyden are also part of this board as they bring a mass of rich and decadent flavours. Finishing off the cheese on this board are the blues. We picked a Spanish La Peral and a French Roquefort. Both amazing, rich Blues.

This centrepiece board wouldn’t be complete without some special accompaniments. We’ve used Black Garlic chutney, Tart Cherry and Almond Compote and Horseradish chutney. These flavours pair well with all the cheeses. Completing the board is crispbreads, sweet wheat fingers and orange Tortas. This variety of flavours and textures add to the selection of cheeses and finish off this centrepiece cheese board.

However you choose to spend your Easter Weekend, we hope you have a lovely time and enjoy the cheese!

The Cheese Plate Team

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